Quatrains corresponding with Bodleain Ms quatrain nr 1



Cadell 1899 106 Though I have never, in my way through life,
Threaded that pearl - obedience to Thy will;
And though through all the darkest paths of strife
I have not sought to find Thy face; - yet still
I am not hopeless of Thy mercy's dew
For I have never called the Great One - Two.
Christensen 1927 104 Though I never threaded the bead of obedience to Thee and never wiped off the dust of sin from my face, none the less I am not hopeless of Thy mercy, because I never called the One Two.
Grolleau 1902 1 Si je n'ai jamais mis en colliers les perles de la Prière,
Je ne t'ai jamais caché cette poussière de péchés qui souille mon visage;
C'est pourquoi je ne désespère pas de ta Miséricorde,
Car je n'ai jamais dit que le Un était Deux.
Heron-Allen 1898 1 If I have never threaded the pearl of Thy service,
and if I have never wiped the dust of sin from my face;
nevertheless, I am not hopeless of Thy mercy,
for the reason that I have never said that One was Two.
Marthold (De) 1910  1 Si je ne fus jamais courbé sous la prière,
Jamais je n'ai caché mes vices de poussière ;
C'est pourquoi mes péchés espèrent ton pardon
Car jamais je ne t'ai nié, dogme Unitaire.
Nicolas 1867 229 Bien que je n'aie jamais percé la perle de l'obéissance qu'on te doit, bien que jamais de mon cœur je n'aie balayé la poussière de tes pas, je ne désespère point d'arriver au seuil du trône de ta miséricorde, car jamais de mes plaintes je ne t'ai importuné.
Porten (Von der) 1927 1 Wenn ich auch Perlen nie in Deinem Dienst gereiht,
Auch nie von Sündenstaub mein Angesicht befreit,
So hoff' ich doch, daß Du Vergebung mir gewährest,
Der eine Einheit niemals einer Zweiheit zeiht.
Rosen 1928 176 If I have not strung pearls of piety,
If I have not swept the dust of sin from my face,
I am not without hope before the threshold of Thy mercy
Because I have never called the One two.
Talbot 1908 1 Although I have not served Thee from my youth,
And though my face is masked with sin uncouth,
In thine Eternal justice I Confide
As One who ever sought to follow Truth.
Thompson 1906 313 If I Thy service' pearl did never thread.
Nor sin's dust ever wiped from off my head,
For all this of Thy mercy I have hope,
Because that ''One is two" I ne'er have said.
Tirtha 1941 XI.28 I did not wear myself to serve Thy feet,
Nor swept with brows the dust to clean Thy street;
Yet from Thy door I go not in despair,
For what is One a two I never greet.
Whinfield 1883 268 Though Khayyam strings no pearls of righteous deeds,
Nor sweeps from off his soul sin's noisome weeds,
Yet will he not despair of heavenly grace,
Seeing that ONE as two he ne'er misreads.


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