Quatrains corresponding with Bodleain Ms quatrain nr 158



Cadell 1899 84 The month Ram'zan is gone, and Shawal comes,
The time of talk and joy and pleasure comes;
'Tis here and see - bent-backed and stooping low -
Bearing the wine skin full, the porter comes.
FitzGerald 1859 66 So while the Vessels one by one were speaking,
One spied the little Crescent all were seeking:
And then they jogg'd each other, "Brother! Brother!
"Hark to the Porter's Shoulder-knot a-creaking!"
Grolleau 1902 158 Le Ramadan finit, voici la saison des fêtes,
La saison de la joie et des beaux diseurs de contes...
Voici les porteurs de vin, les marchands de rêve...
Coeurs fatigués du jeûne, enivrez-vous!
Heron-Allen 1898 158 The month of Ramazan passes and Shawwal comes,
the season of increase, and joy, and story-tellers comes;
now comes that time when "Bottles upon the shoulder!"
they say, — for the porters come and are back to back.
Marthold (De) 1910 158 Le Ramadan finit, c'est la saison des fêtes,
Saison des beaux diseurs de légendes bien faites,
Des bons marchands de rêve, amis porteurs de vin...
Enivrez-vous, coeurs las de jeûne et de retraites.
Payne 1898 458 Ramazan-time is gone at last and see, Shewwál cometh!
The season of pleasance and song and festival cometh!
The time is at hand once more when, with water-skin shouldered,
They cry out "Aid! aid! The carrier (make way all) cometh!"
Porten (Von der) 1927 158 Was Ramadân verbot, Schawwâl soli's geben!
Erzähler schrein, ein Wirbel faßt das Leben, 
Die Träger schultem ihre Kalabassen 
Und helfen frisch der andern Last zu heben.
Roe 1906 121 And while they talked, the time sped quickly on,
Till new-moon came, and Ramazán was gone;
And stealing softly through the open door,
A dusky porter seized them, one by one.
Talbot 1908 158 Ramazán's end draws near, Shawwál doth break,
The time with flowers and joy to merry-make;
Now porters with their loads stand back to back
Laden with wine. - Up, bottles, and awake!
Thompson 1906 266 Now Ramazan is past, Shawwal is here.
The time of greeting, feasting, song is near;
'T is time when skins on shoulders they cry out,
"Behold the porters one by one appear!"
Tirtha 1941 X.120 Avaunt the fasts! let only feast remain,
When joy and pleasure we have in the main;
This is the time when all concordant souls,
Bring grace and bliss and happiness in chain.
Whinfield 1883 218 Now Ramazán is past, Shawwál comes back,
And feast and song and joy no more we lack;
The wine skin carriers throng the streets and cry,
"Here comes the porter with his precious pack."


  • HERON-ALLEN 1899 - 90