Quatrains corresponding with Bodleain Ms quatrain nr 8



Grolleau 1902 8 Ici-bas, il vaut mieux que tu te fasses peu d'amis;
Ne sors de toi-même que pour de brèves entrevues.
Celui-là dont le bras te semble un appui,
Examine-le bien, et prends garde.
Heron-Allen 1898 8 In this life it is best that thou shouldst make but few friends;
distant intercourse with one's fellow men is good;
that person upon whom thou leanest entirely,
when thou examinest him closely, he is thine enemy.
Marthold (De) 1910 8 En ce monde il vaut mieux te faire peu d'amis;
Ne sors pas de toi-même et prends de brefs avis.
Celui-là dont tu crois le bras appui solide,
Examine-le bien et qu'il passe au tamis.
Nicolas 1867 75 La personne sur qui tu t'appuies avec le plus de sûreté, si tu ouvres les veux de l'intelligence, tu verras en elle ton ennemi. Il vaut mieux, par le temps qui court, rechercher peu les amis. La conversation des hommes d'aujourd'hui n'est bonne que de loin.
Porten (Von der) 1927 8 In diesem Leben habe Wen'ge gern, 
Und halte diese Wenigen Dir fern.
Glaubst du, du könntest einem ganz vertraun,
Prüf' ihn! und du entdeckst der Feindschaft Kern.
Rosen 1928 12 Better make few friends in these times;
Keep the people of this world at a distance.
That person in whom you have placed full confidence,
Should you open the eye of reason, will prove your enemy.
Talbot 1908 8 Twere better that thou makest but few friends.
Distance in intercourse to virtue tends;
Examine him in whom thy trust is placed,
He may be suing thee for treach'rous ends.
Thompson 1906 126 That one on whom you do so much rely,
You 'll find a foe if you ope wisdom's eye.
It were good in this age to choose few friends,
Holding aloof from people's company.
Tirtha 1941 VII.28 A friend in world! O never would I choose,
Adieu ye weathercocks! from far adieus!
My mind, a bosom-friend I so cherished,
I find it now a viper in my shoes.
Whinfield 1883 77 This bosom friend, on whom you so rely,
Seems to clear wisdom's eyes an enemy;
Choose not your friends from this rude multitude.
Their converse is a plague 'tis best to fly.


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