Quatrains corresponding with Bodleain Ms quatrain nr 9



Anet 1957 33 Ce vase était comme moi un amant malheureux
enchaîné par la chevelure d’une femme.
Cette anse que tu vois á son col
était la main passée au cou d’une bien-aimée.
Bodenstedt 1881 III.3 Dieser Krug ist, wie ich, unglücklich lebendig gewesen,
In schöne Augen und Locken verliebt unverständig gewesen.
Dieser Henkel am Halse des Kruges war einst ein Arm,
Der in Umhalsung der Schönen unbändig gewesen.
Cadell 1899 10 This cup was once a man disconsolate,
Yea, such as I, wooing a stately queen;
That handle there, which on its neck is seen
Was then an arm, around his lovely mate.
Christensen 1927 38 This jar was like me a sorrowful lover, and it was in 
search of the face of a fair one. 
This handle that thou seeest upon its neck is a hand 
that [once] lay upon the neck of a friend.
Cowell 1858 5 This flask was once a poor lover like me,
All immersed in the chase of a fair face;
And this its handle you see on its neck
Was once a hand that clasped a beloved.
FitzGerald 1859 35 I think the Vessel, that with fugitive
Articulation answer'd, once did live,
And merry-make; and the cold Lip I kiss'd
How many Kisses might it take--and give!
Garner 1898 51 A sighing bit of breathing clay, this vase 
Once humbly bowed before a woman's face; 
This earthen handle fixed about its neck 
Did oft in love a cypress form embrace.
Grolleau 1902 9 Ce vase, ainsi que moi, fut autrefois un douloureux amant;
Avidement il s'est penché vers quelque cher visage.
Cette anse que tu vois à son col,
C'est un bras qui jadis enlaçait un cou bien-aimé.
Heron-Allen 1898 9 This jug was once a plaintive lover as I am,
and was in pursuit of one of comely face;
this handle that thou seest upon its neck
is an arm that once lay around the neck of a friend.
Marthold (De) 1910 9 Ce vase, ainsi que moi, fut jadis un amant
Penché vers quelque cher visage éperdument,
Et l'anse que tu vois au col de cette jarre
Fut un bras qui jadis ceignait un cou charmant.
McCarthy 1889 73 THIS JAR HAS BEEN, LIKE ME,
Nicolas 1867 28 Cette cruche a été comme moi une créature aimante et malheureuse, elle a soupiré après une mèche de cheveux de quelque eune beauté; cette anse que tu vois attachée à son col était un bras amoureusement passé au cou d'une belle.
Payne 1898 80 This pitcher, like me, a lover distraught hath it hath been, 
In the bond of a loveling's tress-tip caught hath been; 
This handle thou see'st on its neck was e'en a hand 
Which erst on the neck of a loved one oft hath been.
Porten (Von der) 1927 9 Wie ich verliebt, der Krug einst klagend sang
Und sehnte sich nach der Geliebten bang;
Einst war der Henkel, den am Hals du siehst,
Sein Arm, der sich um ihren Nacken schlang.
Roe 1906 86 Then thought I how that handle once embraced
With yearning touch some perislender waist;
And how, perchance, those sad, complaining lips
In rapture, once, on other lips were placed.
Rosen 1928 20 This jar, like myself, has been deeply in love,
It has been fettered by the tresses of a beauty.
And this handle which you see on its neck
Is a hand that has been on the neck of a beloved.
Schack (Von) 1878 5 Ein armer Verliebter ist, wie ich, einst dieser Krug von Lehm gewesen,
Um Locken einer schönen Maid hat er geseufzt in Liebesharm;
Um einen weichen Nacken ist als Arm
Geschlungen dieser Henkel ehedem gewesen.
Talbot 1908 9 This jug, o'er which I pledge my love to-day,
Was once a lover too, now sad, now gay;
The handle that thou seest upon its neck
Once round another's neck in friendship lay.
Thompson 1906 5 This vase like me a hapless lover pined
In snares of beauty's tresses once confined;
This handle on its neck you see was once
An arm oft round the loved one's neck entwined.
Tirtha 1941 V.19 This jar was once a gallant Tsar, I swear,
Who laid so eclipsed by his lady’s hair;
Ah! even now the handle at his neck
Is ever curling round to clasp—the air!
Whinfield 1883 32 This jug did once, like me, love's sorrows taste,
And bonds of beauty's tresses once embraced,
This handle, which you see upon its side,
Has many a time twined round a slender waist.


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