Arise and come hither to delight my heart
Solve my difficulties with your own beauty
Bring a cup of wine that I may drink
Before they make cups out of my clay.


Nic 6

Lève-toi, viens, viens, et, pour la satisfaction de mon coeur, donne-moi l'explication d'un problème: apporte-moi vite une cruche de vin, et buvons avant que l'on fasse des cruches de notre propre poussière.

P 10

Arise, come solace my heart with thy soft, caressing sway
And loosen the bonds of doubt with thy beauty from me away:
Go, get me a gugglet of wine, that we may drink and be gay,
Or ever the potters fashion gugglets out of our clay.

Th 19

Arise and come, for my heart's solace, pray
This state of doubt with thy charm take away.
And bring a jug of wine that we may drink
Ere potters fashion wine-jars from our clay! 

Wh 5

Arise! and come, and of thy courtesy
Resolve my weary heart's perplexity.
And fill my goblet, so that I may drink,
Or e'er they make their goblets out of me.

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