Walk in the path of humility and understand thine own heart
In the byway of contentment, snatch thou a caress
An hundred ka’abas of water & clay do not equal one heart in value
What have you to do with ka’abas, come & understand a heart.


Nic 15

Dans la région de l'espérance attache-toi autant de coeurs que tu pourras; dans celle de la présence lie-toi avec un ami parfait, car, sache-le bien, cent kaabas, faites de terre et d'eau, ne valent pas un coeur. Laisse donc là ta kaaba et va plutôt à la recherche d'un coeur.

P 34

In suppliant fashion all hearts I rede thee gain;
A friend at the court in time of need thee gain:
An hundred Meccas outweigh not a single heart;
Then why go thither? A heart with speed thee gain.

Th 31

Do thou charm every heart with wooing art.
And gain at court a friend to take thy part;
A hundred Ka'bahs equal not one heart,
Why seek the Ka'bah? rather gain a heart.

Wh 18

Young wooer, charm all hearts with lover's art,
Glad winner, lead thy paragon apart!
A hundred Ka'bas equal not one heart,
Seek not the Ka'ba, rather seek a heart!

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