Here are we and the wine & the singers, in this desolate corner
Our souls, hearts, goblets & garments full of the lees of wine
Careless of hopes of mercy and of fears of punishment
Independent of earth and air & fire & water


Bodl 7

Here are we; and so is the wine, and the drinking bench; and the ruined furnace;
careless of hopes of mercy, and of fears of punishment;
our souls, and our hearts, and our goblets, and our garments full of the lees of wine,
independent of earth and air, and fire and water.

Chr 66

Here we are, and the wine and the bench of the tavern
and the furnace in ruins. We have put soul and heart
and cup and cloak in pledge for wine
and got rid of the hope of mercy and the fear of punish-
ment. Careless we are of earth and air and fire and water.

Nic 19

Oui, c'est nous qui, assis au milieu de ce trésor en ruine, entourés de vin et de danseurs, avons mis en gage (pour nous les procurer) tout ce que nous possédions: âme, coeur, hardes, et jusqu'à notre coupe. Nous sommes ainsi affranchis et de l'espérance du pardon et de la crainte du châtiment. Nous sommes en dehors de l'air, de la terre, du feu et de l'eau.

P 28

Here in this ruined corner, with wine and wanton met,
Hope, heart and soul and substance in pawn for wine we've set;
No hopes of mercy lure us nor fears of judgment fret;
Of earth, air, fire and water we're quit and all their let.

Th 53

To this lost haunt with wine and love we fare,
And pledge for drink, soul, heart, cup, raiment there.
And quit of mercy's hope and fear of law.
We 're freed from earth and water, fire and air!

Wh 22

Here in this tavern haunt I make my lair,
Pawning for wine, heart, soul, and all I wear,
Without a hope of bliss, or fear of bale,
Rapt above water, earth and fire and air.

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