If the rose fall not to our lot, the thorn is enough
If light does not reach us, hell-fire is enough
If we cannot attain the robe of sheik-doms & the monastery
The bell, the church, & zunnar are (good) enough.


P 37

If no rose be vouchsafed us, the thorn is enough;
The night, if we fail of the morn, is enough:
If chaplet and prayer-rug and sheikhhood we lack,
The church-gong and girdle' monk-worn is enough.

Th 339

If roses be not ours, behold the thorn!
And darkness, if comes not the light of morn!
And if we lack the vestment, cell and shaikh.
Behold bell, church, and girdle to adorn!

Th 707

If roses be not ours, let thorns suffice!
And night, if for us no dawn's light doth rise;
And if our beads, prayer rug and Shaikh we lack,
With bell and church, the zone their place supplies. 

Wh 293

Did no fair rose my paradise adorn,
I would make shift to deck it with a thorn;
And if I lacked my prayer-mats, beads, and Shaikh,
Those Christian bells and stoles I would not scorn. 

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