O heaven ! ruin comes from thy malevolence.
From all time injustice has been your profession
O earth ! if they should rend your bosom
Many are the valuable gems that they would find there.


Chr 78

O wheel of heaven, ruin springs from thy hatred.
From time immemorial thy business was to do wrong.
earth, if they cleave thy heart, how many a precious
stone is to be found in thy bosom?

F4 15

And those who husbanded the Golden grain,
And those who flung it to the winds like Rain,
Alike to no such aureate Earth are turn'd
As, buried once, Men want dug up again.

Nic 21

Ô roue du destin! la destruction vient de ta haine implacable. La tyrannie est pour toi un acte de prédilection que tu commets depuis le commencement des siècles, et toi aussi, ô terre, si l'on venait à fouiller dans ton sein, que de trésors inappréciables n'y trouverait-on pas!

P 41

O Wheel of Fortune, ruin from thy despite is;
From time eternal thine usance still unright is:
O earth, in sunder if they should cleave thy bosom,
Full many a gem there buried out of sight is.

Th 56

O Heaven's wheel! Ruin is thine ill behest,
Thine ancient custom ever has opprest;
O Earth! If e'er thy bosom they should bare.
Full many a valued gem would deck thy breast!

Wh 25

Ah! wheel of heaven to tyranny inclined,
'Twas e'er your wont to show yourself unkind;
And, cruel earth, if they should cleave your breast.
What store of buried jewels they would find!

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