If the heart knows the secret of existence as it is
In death it will know all the secrets of God.
Today that you know nothing about yourself
When tomorrow you abandon yourself what will you know.


F4 53

But if in vain, down on the stubborn floor
Of Earth, and up to Heav'n's unopening Door,
You gaze TO-DAY, while You are You--how then
TO-MORROW, when You shall be You no more?

HA 53

If the heart understood the secret of existence as it is,
In death it would know all the secrets of God:
If to-day thou knowest nothing, being with thyself,
What wilt thou know to-morrow when thou abandonest thyself?

Nic 49

Si le coeur humain avait une connaissance exacte des secrets de la vie, il connaîtrait également, à l'article de la mort, les secrets de Dieu. Si aujourd'hui que tu es avec toi-même tu ne sais rien, que sauras-tu demain quand tu seras sorti de ce toi-même?

P 77

If the heart, as it standeth, life's secret could know,
In death, too, the myst'ries Divine it would know:
Since to-day, soul and self, thou knowst nothing, to-morrow
What deem'st thou the soul, from self parted, should know?

Th 94

If as it is, the heart life's secrets knew.
In death, 't would know the Heav'nly secrets too;
But now that with yourself you nothing know.
To-morrow, from self parted, what know you?

Wh 52

If the heart knew life's secrets here below,
At death 'twould know God's secrets too, I trow;
But, if you know naught here, while still yourself,
To-morrow, stripped of self, what can you know?

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