To drink wine and be gay is my wont
To be careless alike of infidelity & faith is my faith
I said to the bride of the time “What is thy dowry ?”
She said “To be dead in the heart of the tomb is my dowry.”


Nic 56

Boire du vin et me réjouir, c'est ma manière d'être. Etre indifférent pour l'hérésie comme pour la religion, c'est mon culte. J'ai demandé à cette fiancée du genre humain (le monde) quelle était sa dot; elle me répondit: Ma dot consiste dans la joie de ton coeur.

P 47

Wine to drink and to live merry, still my usance it is;
And my faith of faith and unfaith ever to be quit is.
"What's thy dowry?" of the world-bride asked I, and she answered:
"Lo, my dowry all the gladness of thy heart and wit is."

Th 102

My wont is to drink wine, live joyously,
My creed, from doubt and dogma to be free;
I asked the world-bride " Tell me what ’s thy dower?"
"My dowry is thy happy heart,'' said she.

Wh 59

My law it is in pleasure's paths to stray,
My creed to shun the theologic fray;
I wedded Luck, and offered her a dower.
She said, "I want none, so thy heart be gay."

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