To drink wine and be gay is my wont
To be careless alike of infidelity & faith is my faith
I said to the bride of the time “What is thy dowry ?”
She said “To be dead in the heart of the tomb is my dowry.”


F4 78

What! out of senseless Nothing to provoke
A conscious Something to resent the yoke
Of unpermitted Pleasure, under pain
Of Everlasting Penalties, if broke!

Nic 99

Lorsque Dieu a confectionné la boue de mon corps, il savait quel serait le résultat de mes actes. Ce n'est pas sans ses ordres que je commets les péchés dont je suis coupable; dans se cas, pourquoi au jour dernier brûler dans l'enfer? 

P 190

God, when He mixed and moulded our being's clay,
Had e'en foreknowledge of all we should do and say;
Without His order no sin of mine was aye;
Then why should He doom me to burn on the Judgment Day? 

Th 148

When God of our existence shaped the clay.
He knew our actions would be as His sway;
Without His mandate was no sin of mine,
Then why doom me to burn on Judgment Day? 

Wh 100

When Allah mixed my clay He knew full well
My future acts, and could each one foretell;
Without His will no act of mine was wrought;
Is it then just to punish me in hell?

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