Saki ! since Time aims at thy destruction & mine
The world is no fit resting place for thee or me,
If therefore there is a cup of wine in our hands
Know thou for certain that our hands grasp the Truth

Nic 52

Ô échanson! puisque le temps est là, prêt à nous briser toi et moi, ce monde ne peut être ni pour toi ni pour moi un lieu de séjour permanent. Mais, en tous cas, sois bien convaincu que tant que cette coupe de vin sera entre toi et moi, Dieu est dans nos mains.

P 45

Skinker, since ruin is of Fortune planned for thee and me,
This nether world is no abiding-land for thee and me;
Yet, so the winecup in the midst but stand for thee and me,
Rest thou assured the very Truth 's in hand for thee and me.

Th 97

Saki, since Time would shatter me and thee,
The world's no resting place for thee and me;
Yet so the wine cup stands between us, know
We have the Truth at hand for certainty.

Wh 55

Cupbearer! what though fate's blows here betide us.
And a safe resting-place be here denied us,
So long as the bright wine-cup stands between us,
We have the very Truth at hand to guide us.

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