(Being) neither fit for the prayer carpet nor worthy of the mosque
God knows from what he fashioned my clay
I am like an infidel darvish & like an ugly courtesan
(Having) neither faith nor country, nor hope of heaven.


Nic 57

Je ne suis digne ni de l'enfer, ni du séjour céleste; Dieu sait de quelle terre il m'a pétri. Je suis hérétique comme un derviche, laid comme une femme perdue; je n'ai ni religion, ni fortune, ni espérance du paradis.

P 108

I'm neither fit for mosque nor apt for convent-cell;
Lewd as a whore, at once dervish and infidel;
Sans faith or fortune, hope of heaven or fear of hell,
God only of what clay He kneaded me can tell.

Th 101

Unfit to mosque or synagogue to go,
God only of what clay I 'm mixed can know;
Like sceptic dervish or like ugly bawd.
No hope have I above, no faith below.

Wh 60

From mosque an outcast, and to church a foe.
Allah! of what clay didst thou form me so ?
Like sceptic monk, or ugly courtesan,
No hopes have I above, no joys below.

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