Today being the period of my youth
I make a wine-drinking for that is my life
Do not reproach it; even though acrid it is pleasant
It is acrid only in that it represents my life


Bodl 11

To-day being the season of my youth,
I desire wine, for thence comes my happiness;
reproach me not, even though acrid it is pleasant;
it is acrid in that it represents my life.

Nic 24

Puisque c'est aujourd'hui mon tour de jeunesse, j'entends le passer à boire du vin, car tel est mon bon plaisir. N'allez pas, à cause de son amertume, médire de ce délicieux jus, car il est agréable, et il n'est amer que parce qu'il est ma vie.

P 132

To-day that my turn and my season of youth it is,
Wine I'll drink, the delight of my heart for in truth it is:
Blame it not, for, though bitter it is, it is pleasant;
It is bitter because that my life in good sooth it is.

Th 61

Now 't is young manhood's season, I design,
Since it makes glad my heart, to quaff my wine.
Chide not the grape, though bitter yet 't is sweet,
'T is bitter since it is this life of mine.

Wh 28

Now with its joyful prime my age is rife,
I quaff enchanting wine, and list to fife;
Chide not at wine for all its bitter taste,
Its bitterness sorts well with human life!

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