There is no arbitrator that may be a commander save Truth
There is nothing that is greater than his command.
Everything that is, must be as it is
There is nothing that is not as it must be.


P 134

Law, save the Truth, that's apt unto the sage, there is not;
Created thing beyond its arbitrage there is not:
All things that are to be on this wise it behoveth;
Aught otherwise in any place or age there is not.

Th 171

Save Truth, no law is fit to rule the wise
No life is fit that His command defies;
Whatever is, is as it had to be.
And naught exists that should be otherwise.

Wh 124

What lord is fit to rule but "Truth?" Not one.
What beings disobey His rule? Not one.
All things that are, are such as He decrees;
And naught is there beside beneath the sun.

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