The appointed time of our coming and going,
Its limit & its commencement are not apparent
No one is reliable for one moment in the matter
Of whence we come and whither we go.


Chr 80

Of that circle which encloses our coming and going we
can make out neither beginning nor end.
Nobody can utter a single word rightly to explain the
mystery, whence is our coming, and whither our going.

P 44

To this time in whose lapses our coming and going is,
Patent end nor beginning nor ebbing nor flowing is;
On this point none utt'reth a word that truth-showing is;
Whence we come, whither bounden we are, there no knowing is.

Th 711

To this age wherein we both come and go,
Beginning, end nor boundary doth show;
No one can speak the truth upon this point.
For whence we come and where we go, none know.

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