When I am sober, joy is concealed from me,
And when I am drunk there is a falling off in my wisdom
There is a condition midway between drunkenness & sobriety
I am its slave, for that is life indeed !


Nic 37

Tant que je ne suis pas ivre, mon bonheur est incomplet. Quand je suis pris de vin, l'ignorance remplace ma raison. Il existe un état intermédiaire entre l'ivresse et la saine raison. Oh! qu'avec bonheur je me constitue l'esclave de cet état, car là est la vie!

P 51

When I am sober, lacking life in mirth is,
And when I 'm drunk, 't is in my wit the dearth is:
But there 's a state betwixten drunk and sober.
The name of life for me which only worth is.

Th 80

From mirth while I am sober, I am freed.
When I am drunk good sense I sadly need;
There is a state 'twixt drunk and sober quite,
I am its slave since 't is my life indeed.

Wh 41

Sobriety doth dry up all delight,
And drunkenness doth drown my sense outright;
There is a middle state, it is my life,
Not altogether drunk, nor sober quite.

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