It so happened that I passed my existence with roses and wine
(But) no worldly business of mine turned out satisfactorily
Since no favourable outcome results from wine
I have allowed myself to abandon everything that has befallen me.


Nic 53

Bien longtemps la coupe en main je me suis promené parmi les fleurs, et cependant aucun de mes projets ne s'est réalise* dans ce monde; mais, bien que le vin ne m'ait pas conduit au but de mes désirs, je ne dévierai pas de cette voie, car lorsqu'on suit une route on ne revient pas en arrière.

P 55

With wine and rose and pleasance a lifetime have we spent;
No need of ours from Fortune hath found accomplishment;
And yet, though wine hath brought us no one desire fulfilled,
The traveller turns not backward upon the way he went.

Th 98

We 've spent life pleasure bent mid flowers and wine,
Yet Fortune ne'er supplied one need of mine;
Though drink hath not accomplished my desire.
Ne'er doth the traveller to turn back incline.

Wh 56

Long time in wine and rose I took delight,
But then my business never went aright;
Since wine could not accomplish my desire,
I have abandoned and forsworn it quite.

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