O heart ! since it is your destiny to become all blood
(And) for your affairs to assume a different complexion every minute
O soul ! on what business did you enter this my body
Since the end of your business is to be annihilated.


Nic 16

Le jour où je prends dans ma main une coupe de vin et où, dans la joie de mon âme, je deviens ivre-mort, alors, dans cet état de feu qui me dévore, je vois cent miracles se réaliser, alors des paroles claires comme l'eau la plus limpide semblent venir m'expliquer le mystère de toutes choses!

P 26

Whenever in hand the brimming winecup I take,
Dead-drunken I wax for very ecstasy's sake;
Wonders an hundred of every sort I make;
This fire-like temper to words like water I wake. 

Th 34

Whene'er the cup of wine in hand I drain.
And lost in drink to ecstasy attain,
I do a hundred wonders of all sorts
Verse flows like water from my fiery brain.

Wh 19

What time, my cup in hand, its draughts I drain.
And with rapt heart unconsciousness attain,
Behold what wondrous miracles are wrought,
Songs flow as water from my burning brain.

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