On the day that shall be, when the skies are riven
And at the moment that shall be, when the Orient is darkened
I will grasp thy skirt in petition
(And) say “O loved one ! do you reward sin with death ?”


Nic 50

Le jour où les cieux seront confondus, où les étoiles s'obscurciront, je t'arrêterai sur ton chemin, ô idole! et, te prenant par le pan de ta robe, je te demanderai pourquoi tu m'as ôté la vie (après me l'avoir donnée).

P 68

On the day when the heavens are sundered and doven in twain,
In the hour when the stars are shaken and fall like rain,
I will seize on thy skirt, as thou far'st through the judgment-plain,
And say, "For what crime, O idoll hast thou me slain?"

Th 95

Upon that day when sundered is the sky.
And darkened is the stars' bright galaxy.
Upon the plain I'll seize Thy skirt and cry,
“For what sin. Idol, doom'st Thou me to die?"

Wh 53

On that dread day, when wrath shall rend the sky,
And darkness dim the bright stars' galaxy,
I'll seize the Loved One by His skirt, and cry,
"Why hast Thou doomed these guiltless ones to die?"

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