Every heart in which the light of love has a place
Whether it is an inhabitant of the Mosque, or is of the people of the synagogue
Every one whose name is written in the Book of Love
Is free from hell, & careless concerning heaven.


Chr 79

Everyone into whose heart love and friendship have been kneaded,
be he one of the people of the prayer-mat or one of the people of the church.
Everyone whose name is entered in the account-book
of love is free from Hell and independent of Paradise.

Nic 60

Chaque coeur que (Dieu) a éclairé de la lumière de l'affection, que ce coeur fréquente la mosquée ou la synagogue, s'il a inscrit son nom dans le livre de l'amour il est affranchi et des soucis de l'enfer et de l'attente du paradis.

P 43

In whosesoever heart the lamp of love is lit,
Whose name in Passion's Scroll the Eternal Hand hath writ,
Whether in mosque or church or synagogue he sit,
From fear of Hell and hope of Paradise he 's quit.

Th 8

Whose heart so ever love lights, whether he
The mosque attend or church frequenter be.
Hath his name written in the book of Love
From thought of Paradise or Hell set free.

Wh 63

Hearts with the light of love illumined well,
Whether in mosque or synagogue they dwell,
Have their names written in the book of love,
Unvexed by hopes of heaven or fears of hell.

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