Why so much sorrow after riches and grief for the world
You never saw anyone who attained eternal life
This one breath that is in your body is lent to you
With borrowed (life) you can but live transiently.


Chr 82

This anxiety for money and this grief over the world.
what is it all ? Never hast thou seen a man who did live eternally.
With those one or two breaths which thy body has
borrowed shalt thou deal as with a thing lent to thee, being thyself a loan.

P 67

For regret of the world, marry, why all our tears and our sighs?
A man who lived aye hast thou ever seen with thine eyes?
This scantling of breath, in thy body that is, is a loan
Who lives by a loan, it behoveth him live loan-wise.

Th 48

Why grieve so much at worldly envy, pray?
Have you e'er seen the man who lives for aye?
This one breath in your body is a loan,
With which you should live ready to repay. 

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