In the throat of the flagon how pleasant is the the gurgling of wine,
How pleasant are the sound of melody and the music of flutes
With the heart-alluring lute and with pure wine in one’s hand
How pleasant is the wine cup when we are free from the cares of time


P 147

The gurgle of wine in the flute of the flagon's throat, how sweet!
The sound of the song and the pipe's complaining note,how sweet!
Sheer wine to tipple and toy with a heart-alluring fair.
Far from the cark of the time, how goodly, God wote, how sweet!

Th 497

How sweet in jar's throat is wine's melody.
And strain of song to flute's soft minor key!
With each bewitching fair and limpid wine
How sweet the bumper from the world's care free!

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