Wine is pleasant though in the “Law” it has a bad name
It is pleasant at the hands of a beautiful woman or a boy
It is acrid & forbidden, (but) joy comes to me (from it)
It is pleasant as long as everything that is forbidden is far off.


Chr 49

The wine, although in the Holy Law it has a bad reputation, is delightful.
When it is offered at the hand of the beloved one and the slave, it is delightful.
It is bitter, and it is forbidden, and yet it is dear to me.
That is a truth from of old: all that is forbidden is delightful. 

P 66

Wine, for all 't is ill-reputed of the Law Divine, 't is good;
When by hand of youth or loveling proffered us is wine, 't is good:
Bitter 't is and 't is forbidden; but for me, in fine, 't is good;
Whatsoever is forbidden, sure from old long syne, 't is good. 

Th 647

Wine is good though called bad in God's command.
And sweet 'tis when in youthful loved one's hand;
'T is bitter and forbid, yet sweet to me;
For always things are pleasant which are banned.

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