Since the spring clouds throw shade upon the cheeks of the tulips
Arise ! & pour wine into the cup—we are owed this much !
For this verdure which today is your pleasure-ground
Will tomorrow grow from your own clay.


Chr 51

When at New Year the cloud has washed the face of the tulip,
arise and seize the cup of wine with a firm resolution,
for this green-sward that is to-day a feast for our eyes
shall grow, to morrow, from thy dust.

P 104

Since the showers of the Spring have washed the tulip's cheek
Arise, to the winecup thyself in haste bespeak;
For the green, that thy feet for pleasaunce to-day beseek,
May spring from thy dust or ever another week.

Th 60

When showers of Spring the tulips' cheeks overflow
Arise and to the wine-cup haste to go,
For this green where thou sport'st to-day, perchance
On some near morrow from thy dust may grow.

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