One cup of wine is better than the Empire of Kawus
And it is better than the Throne of Kobad & the Empire of Tus
Every sigh that a lover heaves at dawn
Is better than the clamor of hypocritical zealots

Chr 88

One draught of wine is better than the kingdom of Ká'ús,
and it is better than the throne of Qubád and the estates of Tús.
Every love-lament that a drunkard raises at dawn is
better than the cry of the hypocritical zealots.

F4 10

Well, let it take them! What have we to do
With Kaikobád the Great, or Kaikhosrú?
Let Zál and Rustum bluster as they will,
Or Hátim call to Supper--heed not you.

HA 10b

One draught of wine is better than the Empire of Kawús,
And is better than the Throne of Kobad and the Empire of Tús.

Nic 61

Une gorgée de vin vaut mieux que le royaume de Kavous; elle est préférable au trône de Kobad, à l'empire de Thous. Les soupirs auxquels le matin un amoureux est en proie sont préférables aux gémissements des dévols hypocrites.

P 121

Than Kei-Kawous's realm one draught of wine is better;
Than Kei-Kobad' his throne and Tous's' shrine is better;
In the dawn-hour, God wot, each wail a lover venteth
Than canting devotees' deceitful whine is better.

Th 105

One wine draught's better than the realm of Kaius
Throne of Kobad or heritage of Tus,
More worth each sigh the lover breathes at morn
Than hypocritic zealots' shouts profuse.

Wh 64

One draught of wine outweighs the realm of Tús,
Throne of Kobád and crown of Kai Kawús;
Sweeter are sighs that lovers heave at morn,
Than all the groanings zealot breasts produce.

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