My wine drinking is not for the purpose of enjoyment
Nor the outcome of depravity and the abandonment of Faith & propriety
I desire that I may give up the ghost in ecstasy
From this cause alone are my wine drinking and drunkenness


Chr 84

When I drink wine it is not for the sake of merrymaking,
nor because I am a reprobate, reckless of faith and morality.
I wish to escape for a moment from myself; this is
the motive of my wine-bibbing and drunkenness.

Nic 63

Si je bois du vin, ce nést pas pour ma propre satisfaction; ce n'est pas pour commettre du désordre ou pour m'abstenir de religion et de morale: non, c'est pour respirer un moment en dehors de moi-même. Aucun autre motif ne me sollicite à boire et à m'enivrer.

P 92

My drinking of wine no wise for the sake of disport is,
Nor for lewdness and breach of religion and good report is;
'T is but that I fain would win forth of myself for a moment:
The cause of my toping and fuddling myself this in short is.

Th 111

My drinking wine is not for pleasure's sake,
Nor sin, nor law of God or man to break.
An instant ecstasy to gain doth cause
My revelling and me enrapt doth make.

Wh 66

In drinking thus it is not my design
To riot, or transgress the law divine,
No! to attain unconsciousness of self
Is the sole cause I drink me drunk with wine.

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