They say that drunken men will go to hell
It is the saying of an opposing heart that cannot do likewise
If the lovers and drunkards go to hell
Tomorrow heaven will be (empty) like the palm of one’s hand.


Chr 11

They tell me that the drinker is a denizen of Hell.
That is an absurd saying, to which the heart can can give no credence.
If the lover and the drinker are to be denizens of Hell,
thou shalt to-morrow see Paradise [empty] as the palm of [my] hand.

HA 113

They say that drunkards will go to hell,
It is a repugnant creed, the heart cannot believe it ;
If drunken lovers are doomed to hell,
To-morrow heaven will be bare like the palm of one's hand.

Nic 64

On affirme qu'il y aura, qu'il y a même un enfer. C'est une assertion erronée; on ne saurait y ajouter foi, car, s'il existait un enfer pour les amoureux et les ivrognes, le paradis serait, dès démain, aussi vide que le creux de ma main.

P 156

"Hell is the drunkard's portion," to us they say;
A saw 't is, withal the heart cannot away.
If lovers and topers must go to hell, my fay,
Thou'lt see Heaven bare as my hand on the Judgment Day!

Th 113

He 's doomed to Hell, they say, who drinketh wine,.
A saying 't is the heart cannot divine.
For if all sots and lovers go to Hell,
Heaven will be empty as this palm of mine!

Wh 67

Drunkards are doomed to hell, so men declare,
Believe it not, 'tis but a foolish scare;
Heaven will he empty as this hand of mine.
If none who love good drink find entrance there.

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