They say “Do not drink wine for it is not lawful in Shaban
Neither in Rajab for that month is especially God’s
Shaban & Rajab are the months of God & the Prophet
I will drink wine in Ramazan for that is especially mine.


Chr 25

They say: "Do not drink wine in the month of Sha'bán; it is not lawful.
Nor in Rajab, for that is God's special month."
Sha'bán and Rajab are the months of God and the
Prophet; so let us drink wine in Ramadhán, for that is our special month.

F4 82

As under cover of departing Day
Slunk hunger-stricken Ramazán away,
Once more within the Potter's house alone
I stood, surrounded by the Shapes of Clay.

Nic 67

Ce vieux caravansérail que l'on nomme le monde, ce séjour alternatif de la lumière et des ténèbres, n'est qu'un reste de festin de cent potentats comme Djèmehid. Ce n'est qu'une tombe servant d'oreiller à cent monarques comme Bèhram.

P 50

In the month of Shebán, unlawful, they say, to drink wine is;
And eke in Rejéb, for that month in especial divine is;
Since Shebán and Rejéb are private to God and His prophet,
In the Fast-tide I'll drink, for Ramazan private o' mine is.

Th 115

Wrong in Shaban, they say, 't is to drink wine.
Likewise in Rajab, 'tis a month divine.
Since Allah and His Prophet claim these months.
Through Ramazan I 'll drink, for it is mine!

Wh 68

'Tis wrong, according to the strict Korán,
To drink in Rajab, likewise in Sha'bán,
God and the Prophet claim those months as theirs;
Was Ramazan then made for thirsty man?

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