The tavern is peopled by my (habit of) wine-drinking
I bear the responsibility of two thousand sins
If I do not sin, what occupation has Mercy ?
The beauty of mercy becomes apparent by my sinning.


P 107

Through our toping the tavern in flourishing stead is;
The blood of relapses galore on our head is;
If I sinned not, indeed, what should Mercy be doing?
That "our sins are the set-off of Mercy," well said is.

Th 179

The Tavern prospers from our drinking wine.
Blood of remorse be on thy head and mine.
If I ne'er sinned, what then would Mercy do?
For Mercy but awaits my sin and thine.

Wh 130

Wine-houses flourish through this thirst of mine,
Loads of remorse weigh down this back of mine;
Yet, if I sinned not, what would mercy do?
Mercy depends upon these sins of mine.

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