If in the season of spring a houri-shaped idol
Gives me a jar of wine on the edge of the prairie
However much, according to doctrine, this may be bad
I am worse than a dog if I remember heaven.


Bodl 25

If in the season of spring a being, houri-shaped,
gives me on the green bank of a field a goblet full of wine,
(though to everyone this saying may seem uncouth)
a dog is better than I am if thenceforth I pronounce the name of heaven.

Chr 39

If, in the time of spring, an idol, houri-shaped, gives
me a cup of wine on the bank of the field. —
however much this saying may jar on the ears of the vulgar —
I were worse than a dog, cared I for Paradise.

Nic 82

Au printemps j'aime à m'asseoir au bord d'une prairie, avec une idole semblable à une houri et une cruche de vin, s'il y en a, et bien que tout cela soit généralement blâmé, je veux être pire qu'un chien si jamais je songe au paradis.

P 96

In the season of Spring, forsooth, if a fair one, houri-wise,
Brim me a cup of wine, where the blossomed meadows rise,
Though, well as I wot, the thing show ill in vulgar eyes,
I were worse than a dog if I gave a thought to Paradise.

Th 648

If one as Houri fair by marge of lea,
In Springtime sweet a brimming cup give me,
Though men this speech deem bad, if then I call
On Heaven, than I a dog would better be!

Wh 84

In the sweet spring a grassy bank I sought,
And thither wine, and a fair Houri brought;
And, though the people called me graceless dog,
Gave not to Paradise another thought!

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