You must not hasten vainly from door to door
You must adapt yourself to the good & the bad of the times
With the dice-box of heaven & the two dice of Fate
You must play with every blow that turns up.


Nic 27

Il ne faut pas sans nécessité aller frapper à chaque porte. Il faut s'accommoder du bien comme du mal d'ici-bas, car on ne peut jouer que d'après le nombre de points que nous présente la surface des dés jetés par le destin sur le damier de ce petit bol céleste.

P 87

Knock not at every door that standeth in thy way
For nought; with Fortune's good and bad contented stay;
From the Sphere's casting-cup and Providence's dice,
Whatever number's thrown, that it behoveth play.

Th 65

Knock not in vain at each door in your way.
With worldly good and ill contented stay,
Whate'er the number on the dice of Fate
From the Sphere's cup that falls, you needs must play.

Wh 31

'Tis labour lost thus to all doors to crawl,
Take thy good fortune, and thy bad withal;
Know for a surety each must play his game.
As from heaven's dice-box fate's dice chance to fall.

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