When smites the sword of Fate, bucklers are of no avail
And all this treasure of gold & silver are naught
Whenever for a moment I observe the affairs (of the world)
That which is good is good, & all else is naught


Nic 96

Il n'y a point de bouclier qui tienne contre une flèche lancée par le Destin. Les grandeurs, l'argent, l'or, tout cela ne sert de rien. Plus je considère les choses de ce monde, plus je vois qu'il n'y a de bien que le bien : tout le reste n'est rien.

P 226

Buckler or mail, 'gainst the shaft doom-launched at the breast, is nought;
Honour, rank, riches, - all 'gainst Fate's behest is nought:
Oft as the things of the world I consider, so oft I see,
Goodness of all alone is good and the rest is nought.

Th 145

Shields naught avail when by Death's arrows prest,
And honors naught, silver and gold possest;
As far as I view worldly things, I see
Goodness alone is good and naught the rest.

Wh 97

Against death's arrows what are buckles worth?
What all the pomps and riches of the earth?
When I survey the world, I see no good
But goodness, all beside is nothing worth.

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