That wine which is by nature skilled in metamorphosis
Is sometimes animal & sometimes vegetable
So long as you realize that nothing changes—alas !
Its nature only changes, but not its quality


F4 51

Whose secret Presence, through Creation's veins
Running Quicksilver-like eludes your pains;
Taking all shapes from Máh to Máhi; and
They change and perish all but He remains; 

HA 51a

That Moon which is by nature skilled in metamorphosis
Is sometimes animal and sometimes vegetable,
Do not imagine that it will become non-existent—away with thought!
It is always possessed of its essence though its qualities cease to be. 

Nic 73

Ce vin qui, par son essence, est susceptible d'apparaître sous une foule de formes, qui se manifeste tantôt sous la forme d'un animal, tantót sous celle d'une plante, ne va pas croire pour cela qu'il puisse ne plus être et que son essence puisse être anéantie; car c'est par elle qu'il est, bien que les formes disparaissent.

P 175

That wine, which of itself is apt all forms to don,
That 's vegetable now and animal anon,
Deem not it leaves to be with what it putteth on:
Itself abideth still, though attributes be none. 

Th 124

That wine that 's apt in transformation,
That 's plant form now and animal anon.
Deem not its essence ever suffers change.
Itself abides, although its forms be gone. 

Wh 75

The very wine a myriad forms sustains,
And to take shapes of plants and creatures deigns;
But deem not that its essence ever dies,
Its forms may perish, but its self remains. 

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