It is my life to be employed in praise of wine
I can command wine & it is then within my power
If the zealot is your master, it is reasonable, now
Be happy for that teacher of yours, is a student of mine.


Nic 87

Il y a un siècle que je chante les louanges du vin et que je ne m'entoure que d'accessoires qui s'y rapportent. Ô dévot! puisses-tu être heureux ici-bas avec ta conviction d'avoir pour maître la sagesse! Mais apprends du moins que ce maître n'est encore que mon élève.

P 176

My life's practice the praise of the juice of the vine is;
Nought round me save gear and utensils of wine is:
If fh master, O zealot, be Reason, herein
Be content, for thy master a scholar of mine is.

Th 138

My life-long practice is to praise the Vine
And round me have the instruments of wine ;
Zealot ! if Reason guide thee here, be glad
Thy master is a pupil apt of mine!

Wh 89

To chant wine's praises is my daily task,
I live encompassed by cup, bowl, and flask;
Zealot! if reason be thy guide, then know
That guide of me doth ofttimes guidance ask.

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