O fervent devotee, outcome of the age
You are bewildered about the five (senses) & the four (elements) & the seven (heavens)
Drink wine for the passing of youth approaches, it will sleep beneath the clay
Sorrow less for this world, for when you go it also is gone.


P 65

O thou that com'st hot from the sphere of the Spright and the Ghost,
That art dazed amid Four, Five, Six, Seven, the world and the host
Drink wine, for no whit of the place whence thou comest thou know'st;
Live merry, for nothing thou ken'st of that whither thou go'st.

Th 45

O, you, come hot from that soul world below,
Amazed amid what Five, Four, Six, Sev'n show,
Drink wine, for whence you come you do not know,
Rejoice! you know not whither you will go.

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