In cell & college & monastery and synagogue
Are those who fear hell & those who seek for heaven
He who has knowledge of the secrets of God
Sows none of such seed in his own heart.


Bodl 24

In cell, and college, and monastery, and synagogue
are those who fear hell and those who seek after heaven;
he who has knowledge of the secrets of God
sows none of such seed in his heart of hearts.

Chr 29

In cell and college and monastery and synagogue there
are fearers of Hell and seekers of Paradise.
The person who has knowledge of the secrets of God
sows nothing of this seed within his heart.

Nic 46

Dans la mosquée, dans le medressèh, dans l'église et dans la synagogue, on a horreur de l'enfer et on recherche le paradis; mais la semence de cette inquiétude n'a jamais germé dans le coeur de celui qui a pénétré les secrets du Tout-Puissant.

P 177

In temple and mosque-school, in convent and cell,
Are seekers of Heaven and fearers of Hell;
But none that conceiveth God's myst'ries aright
E'er suffered that seed' in his bosom to swell.

Th 91

In convent, school, cell, church, whate'er the creed
Are those in fear of Hell, and Heaven in need:
But he who knows the mysteries of God,
Within his heart sows not this fruitless seed.

Wh 49

In synagogue and cloister, mosque and school,
Hell's terrors and heaven's lures men's bosoms rule,
But they who master Allah's mysteries,
Sow not this empty chaff their hearts to fool.

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