Today whose name is Friday
Drink wine from the flagon itself, what need is there of a glass ?
If every day you drink one flagon of wine
Drink two today for today is the Seyyid of the Times


Nic 71

En ce jour d'aujourd'hui que l'on nomme adinè (vendredi), laisse lá la coupe (trop petite) et bois du vin dans un bol. Si les autres jours tu n'en buvais qu'un (bol), aujourd'hui bois-en deux, car c'est le grand jour par excellence.

P 178

To-day since it Friday, the day hight of grace, is,
Drink wine from the bowl, for the cup out of place is:
Nay, on weekdays one bowl an thou quaffest, to-day
Drink two, for that Friday the prince of the days is.

Th 123

To-day 's Adina called in common phrase,
Drink wine from bowls then, in the wine-cup's place;
And if you drink on week days but one bowl.
To-day drink two, for 'tis the chief of days. 

Wh 74

To-day is Friday, as the Moslem says,
Drink then from bowls served up in quick relays;
Suppose on common days you drink one bowl.
To-day drink two, for 'tis the prince of days. 

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