I cannot tell the secret to all,—good & bad alike,
I cannot make my brief story a long one,
I am in a condition which I cannot explain
I hold a secret that I cannot tell again


F4 34

Then of the THEE IN ME who works behind
The Veil, I lifted up my hands to find
A Lamp amid the Darkness; and I heard,
As from Without--"THE ME WITHIN THEE BLIND!"

Nic 32

Je ne puis indistinctement dire mon secret aux mauvais comme aux bons. Je ne puis donner de l'extension à l'exposé de ma pensée essentiellement brève. Je vois un lieu dont je ne puis tracer la description; je possède un secret que je ne puis dévoiler.

P 194

To all my secret, good and ill, I cannot tell;
My long thought shortly, will or nill, I cannot tell:
A case mine is that I am powerless to expound;
A mystery I have that still I cannot tell.

Th 71

I cannot to both good and bad unfold
My secret, nor may long tales soon be told;
I am unable to explain my state
Or to reveal the secret that I hold.

Wh 36

There is a mystery I know full well,
Which to all, good and bad, I cannot tell;
My words are dark, but I cannot unfold
The secrets of the "station" where I dwell.

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