Take thine ease with wine, for such is the empire of Mahmoud
Hearken to the lute, for such is the chant of David,
Concern thyself no more about thy coming & departure
Be happy, for this is the object of existence.


Chr 13

Sit down with wine, for this is the kingdom of Mahmud''.
And listen to the sound of the lute, for this is the melody of David.
Over things not yet come and things already gone do not ponder.
Be merry, for this is the meaning of life.

P 193

With wine make merry, for Mahmoud's empire this is;
And list to the harp, for David his lyre this is:
With past and future concern thyself no longer;
Be blithe to-day, for the aim of desire this is.

Th 165

Rejoice with wine for 't is as Mahmud's reign,
List to the lute that sounds as David's strain;
Be glad to-day, for 'tis to be desired.
Of past or future think thou not again.

Wh 119

Drink wine! and then as Mahmud thou wilt reign,
And hear a music passing David's strain:
Think not of past or future, seize to-day,
Then all thy life will not be lived in vain.

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