Thou hast no power today over the morrow
And anxiety over the morrow is naught but sorrow
Waste not thou this moment for thy heart is not eternal
For the end of this remnant of life is not manifest.


Bodl 12

Thou hast no power to-day over the morrow,
and anxiety about the morrow brings thee only melancholy;
waste not thou this moment if thy heart be not mad,
for the value of the remainder of this life is not manifest.

Chr 62

To-day thou hast no power over To-morrow, and the
thought of To-morrow is to thee nothing but melancholy.
Do not forfeit this moment if thy heart be not insane.
for the worth of the rest of thy life is not evident.

Nic 26

Tu ne peux te flatter aujourd'hui de voir le jour de demain; penser même à ce demain serait de ta part pure folie; si tu as le coeur éveillé ne perds pas dans l'inaction cet instant de vie (qui te reste) et pour la durée duquel je ne vois aucune preuve.

P 39

Since to-morrow's conquest to-day to be wrought is not,
Thy thought for the morrow save madness aught is not:
Nay, waste not the time, if thy heart distraught is not.
For this remnant of life for price to be bought is not.

Th 63

To-day is thine, the morrow’s not for thee,
Thy care for morrows naught but grief will be;
Nor waste this breath if thy soul 's not distraught,
For what remains of life will quickly flee.

Wh 30

To-day is thine to spend, but not to-morrow,
Counting on morrows breedeth naught but sorrow;
Oh I squander not this breath that heaven hath lent thee.
Nor make too sure another breath to borrow.

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