Do not seek happiness for the outcome of existence is but a moment
Every atom is of the dust of some Kaikobad or Jamshyd
The affairs of the world and the origin of this life that is
Are but sleep & dreams and cheating and fraud.


P 198

Seek not gladness, for life in fine but a waft of the wind is;
A Jem or a Kei each mote in our way that we fiind is;
A dream of the night, an illusion that lasts but a moment.
The case of the world and the sum of this life of mankind is. 

Th 316

Joy seek not, for Life's sum is but a sigh;
Each mote is from dust of a Jam or Kai.
The world's case and the root of this life is
A dream, vain phantasm in a breath passed by. 

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