When your fragrance reached my heart, borne upon the zephyr,
Having left me, it leapt in search of you,
It no longer concerns itself about me, who am sick,
For, having absorbed your fragrance, becomes your idolater.


Chr 64

How long shall I pile up bricks upon the surface of
the sea? I am sick of the idolaters of the temple.
Who has said that Khayyám shall be a denizen of
Hell? Who has ever gone to Hell and who has come from Paradise?

P 204

From the wind of the East when my heart thy scent did take,
Me 't left and thy track incontinent did take.
Now not a thought betides it of me, for it,
When ta'en of thy scent, thy temperament did take.

Th 66

From zephyrs when my heart thy fragrance takes,
It seeks and grasps thy nature, me forsakes,
And now there comes no thought to it of me.
For thy scent ta'en, its own thy nature makes!

Wh 118

The zephyrs waft thy fragrance, and it takes
My heart, and me, his master, he forsakes;
Careless of me he pants and leaps to thee,
And thee his pattern and ensample makes!

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