(In) that palace where Bahram grasped the cup
The foxes whelp & the lion takes his rest;
Bahram who continually caught the wild ass
Today behold that the grave has caught Bahram.


Chr 44

In the castle where Bahrám seized his wine-cup, the
fox litters and the gazelle lies at rest.
Bahrám spent his whole life in catching wild asses (gúr);
and lo! to-day the tomb (gúr) has caught Bahrám.

F4 18

They say the Lion and the Lizard keep
The Courts where Jamshyd gloried and drank deep:
And Bahrám, that great Hunter--the Wild Ass
Stamps o'er his Head, but cannot break his Sleep.

HA 18

In that palace where Bahrám grasped the wine-cup;
The foxes whelp, and the lions take their rest;
Bahrám who was always catching (gúr) wild asses,—
To-day behold that the (gúr) grave has caught Bahrám

Nic 69

Ce palais où' Bèhram aimait à prendre la coupe dans sa main (est maintenant transformé en une plaine déserte) où la gazelle met bas, où le lion se repose. Vois ce Bèhram qui, au moyen d'un lacet, prenait les ânes sauvages, vois comme la tombe à son tour a pris ce même Bèhram.

P 205

In the palace, where Behram of old the cup did drain,
The foxes cub and the lion to couch is fain;
That Behram, who wont for ever the Gour' to take,
Thou seëst the Gour, in turn, himself hath ta'en.

Th 10

Where in yon palace Bahram wine-cup prest.
The roe bears young, the lion oft takes rest.
King Bahram who in noose oft caught the Gur,
See how the Gur hath Bahram caught at last!

Wh 72

Here in this palace, where Bahram held sway,
The wild roes drop their young, and tigers stray;
And that great hunter king—ah! well a day!
Now to the hunter death is fallen a prey.

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