Mankind continues to call me a scoundrel
Behold how they are mistaken ! —I am without sin
O virtuous people ! against me, in contravention of the law,
Is there aught save drunkenness, effeminacy & subterfuge ? (what is the matter ?)


Nic 88

Le monde ne cesse de me qualifier de dépravé. Je ne suis cependant pas coupable. Ô hommes de sainteté! examinez-vous plutôt vous-mêmes et voyez ce que vous êtes. Vous m'accusez d'agir contrairement au chèr'e (loi du Koran); je n'ai cependant pas commis d'autres péchés que l'ivrognerie, la débauche et l'adultère.

P 157

Still "lewd" folk dub me, without my fault, perdie;
'T is they that put their own foul fancies on me:
In what, indeed, have I broken God's decree,
Good folk, save toping and wenching and sodomy?

Th 613

Though people call me lewd continually,
I 'm guiltless, 'tis their fancies fixed on me;
On me in law-breaking! O, good folk, naught
I 've done save drinking and debauchery!

Wh 90

O men of morals! why do ye defame,
And thus misjudge me? I am not to blame.
Save weakness for the grape, and female charms,
What sins of mine can any of ye name?

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