In this life it is best that thou should’st make but few friends
Distant intercourse with one’s fellows is good
That person whom thou adopt wholly as a friend
When thou openest the eye of wisdom he is thine enemy.


Bodl 8

In this life it is best that thou shouldst make but few friends;
distant intercourse with one's fellow men is good;
that person upon whom thou leanest entirely,
when thou examinest him closely, he is thine enemy.

Nic 75

La personne sur qui tu t'appuies avec le plus de sûreté, si tu ouvres les veux de l'intelligence, tu verras en elle ton ennemi. Il vaut mieux, par le temps qui court, rechercher peu les amis. La conversation des hommes d'aujourd'hui n'est bonne que de loin.

P 64

'T were best in this age that thou make thee few comrades or none;
With the folk from afar but conversing, 't were best live alone:
He, on whom thou most straitly reliest [thyself, be it known],
An thou ope reason's eye, thou wilt find him the worst of thy foen.

Th 126

That one on whom you do so much rely,
You 'll find a foe if you ope wisdom's eye.
It were good in this age to choose few friends,
Holding aloof from people's company.

Wh 77

This bosom friend, on whom you so rely,
Seems to clear wisdom's eyes an enemy;
Choose not your friends from this rude multitude.
Their converse is a plague 'tis best to fly.

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