The moonlight has torn asunder the robe of night with light
Drink wine for you will not find a moment sweeter than this
Be happy & reflect that many moonlights
Shall shine one after another upon your tomb.


Nic 94

Le clair de lune a découpé la robe noire de la nuit: bois donc du vin, car on ne trouve pas toujours un moment aussi précieux. Oui, livre-toi à la joie, car ce même clair de lune éclairera bien longtemps encore (après nous) la surface de la terre. 

P 202

The moonshine hath sundered the skirt of the night;
Drink, for ne'er on a goodlier moment thou 'It light:
Live blithe and bethink thee that many a moon
On the earth, when thou 'rt ashes and dust, will shine bright. 

Th 448

The moonlight severs the dark robe of Night,
On such a moment you no more may light;
So drink, rejoice, and think that one by one
Full many a moon on Earth's face will shine bright. 

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