How long of the mosque lamp and the temple smoke ?
How long of talk about hell & the reward of heaven ?
Go ! see thou that the Master of Fate upon the face of the Tablet
Has written what shall be in that eternity.


Chr 21

How long [this talk of] the lamps of the mosque and the smoke of the fire-temple?
How long of the losses of Hell and the profits of Paradise?
Go and look at the tablets [of Fate], for the Master of
the pen has written from eternity all that must be.

P 212

How long of the lamp of the mosque and the temple-incense wilt tell?
How long of the sweets of Heaven and the grievousness of Hell?
See where the Master of Fate, from all Eternity, wrote
That which to be is and not on the Tablet unchangeable.

Th 499

How long of temple-incense, mosque-lamp tell?
How long of Heaven's rewards or pains of Hell?
See, from all time " What is to be, will be!"
The Lord of Fate did on the Tablet spell!

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