In the feast of wisdom, intellect gave a proof of purity
Concerning Rum & Arabia he said one is the left & one is the right
If any unworthy one says to you wine is not pure
How can I listen to it, said God said it is propitious


Chr 87

At the banquet of Wisdom, Reason gave an excellent
demonstration [and] spoke among Greeks and Arabs right and left (maisara):
"If an ignorant person said that wine is not good
(unlawful), how should I listen [to him], since God has said 'maisara'?"

P 114

The Good Guide speaks of the feast of the pure of spright;
He speaks of Roum and Araby Left and Right:
If "Wine 's unclean " be said of some witless wight,
How should I hearken, since God's self calls it "delight"?

Th 852

The Good Guide tells where feasts of wise souls be,
And right and left of Rome and Araby.
If the unworthy say that wine’s impure,
How should I list, since God calls it purity?

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